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"Before choosing the antenna, we contacted the manufacturer ALGcom to confirm the performance and safety that the antenna could provide us, because we did not want to invest in risky business. The reason for the definition of the transmitters and panels in advance was also due to a detailed study based on previous experiences, with the objective of identifying more modern, resistant and less problematic equipment on the market, following what is required by ANATEL (Regulamentary Brasil Agency). The transmitters, even being very good, would not be the cherry on the cake. The cherry on the cake was ALGcom antennas, that have excellent shielding against RF reception of customer equipment and possible noise from other antennas that might affect our equipment, which would harm our transmission. Since this set (transmitter and antenna) performs better than other manufacturers and other providers in the vicinity, because they are totally immune to interference (including front-back interference, which is noise created by the transmitter itself, that are back-to-back) preserving the integrity of our signal because of the excellent shielding of the transmission equipment. Allied to high performance pigtails  purchased from the same manufacturer, ALGcom, a brand reference of excellence in what develop and produce for wireless data transmission, this was one of the most relevant factors in choosing and acquiring the antennas and accessories from this manufacturer


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