Case Zetanet

"We have a lot of AC/DC UPS 24V (with and without SNMP) in operation for several months and they are working perfectly. These UPSs are installed in the same places where we had before other manufacturers installed and it was common to have problems like UPSs burning down when having energy oscillations or blackouts. In all sources that we substitute for ALGCom models was not necessary any intervention. In the recent models, that has the same quality of the first one, but now with SNMP support, we had the privilege of evaluating them and now we have a good monitoring of energy, batteries, consumption, and temperature with Zabbix graphics. Besides that, on the AC/DC UPS SNMP, there are available a web page with all the necessary information updated instantly and showed by a simple way. Now, with the recent release of AC/DC UPS 12V, we will substitute all other sources in smaller POP's, where now we have just a 12V battery."
Luis Kleber – ZETANET's Director


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