Case ZetaNET Telecom

"I suffered a lot from channel interference before using ALGcom. With the SECTOR SHIELDED ANTENNA, the insulation for interference is better and I am very satisfied with the product. Currently, almost 100% of our panels are ALGcom and we recommend the brand in the events we participate, including outside Brazil, such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. What caught our attention was the vertical opening, which is great. So, I get more reach and more quality in scope. And this is for both customers at 9ft or 16ft long as well as for customers much longer than 9000 ft. In our region, we are pioneers in using products from ALGcom, both in sector shielded antennas and in ac/dc UPSs. We can say that our life has improved and that we give an UP at our provider when we use ALGcom!" Vilmar Borgmann - CEO of ZetaNET Telecom / RS provider.​


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