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ALGcom has been present in the market since 2003, when it began to work in the telecommunications consulting and services segment. In 2007, the company expanded its area of ​​activity by conducting indoor cellular coverage projects for the main cellular operators in the United States.

In 2008 the company underwent transformations beginning to work with the manufacture of antennas and accessories for telecommunications.

With 100% national technology and production, ALGcom is dedicated to innovation, research and development offering to the market national high-performance products.

1,425 a 1,535 GHz
2,000 a 2,300 GHz
3,700 a 4,300 GHz
4,400 a 5,000 GHz
4,900 a 6,425 GHz
6,250 a 7,125 GHz
7,125 a 8,500 GHz
10,000 a 11,700 GHz
14,200 a 15,350 GHz
17,700 a 19,700 GHz


Bringing people together by innovative and sustainable solutions.


Integrity, respect, transparency and excellence.


ALGcom's quality policy is to improve continuously processes and management system with the aim of exceeding the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.

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